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Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

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My E-Newsletters

Hidden Risks of Snoring & Sleep Apnea: 

An estimated 40-70 million Americans may have undiagnosed "Sleep Apnea". Snoring and excessive morning and daytime sleepiness are cardinal symptoms of Apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA is a closure of your airway at night leading to choking, sleep deprivation and possible cardiovascular complications. I have been involved with sleep disorders for over 20 years and its effect on Quality of Life.

I will be featured on an NBC CHANNEL 4 medical segment on OSA, that will be a part of "AMERICAN HEALTH FRONT!", airing on Sunday, Aug. 26 between 2 & 2:30pm.

You can also visit www.drghiz.com/sleepapnea to learn more.


Exclusive Health & Cosmetic Special from Dr. Ghiz

As a show of our appreciation for the years for your continued confidence and support we are pleased to offer an in office, light activated, tooth whitening, comprehensive examination and consultation at a fee of $250 but we are now also instituting a new “state of the art”, non-invasive, oral cancer screening (VELscope) at no cost (value of $95).

Due to the increase prevalence and severity of oral cancer we would like to extend this packager not only to our patients and their family members but also to their friends, colleagues or anyone who believes in prevention!

Briefly and historically tobacco and alcohol played a major role and still do in oral cancer, however, today the striking increase, especially among our  young, has been attributed to the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Due to the completely safe nature of this system we encourage the screening of older teenagers where there may be risk factors.

For further information on oral cancer please visit  https://www.drghiz.com/early-oral-cancer-detection/



We will honor this offer through the end of July, 2012. To schedule an appointment or have any questions, please call at 212-759-9797 or email me at [email protected].



Stem Cells Eliminate The Need For Bridges And/Or Implants

By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

Over two decades ago implants changed the face of dentistry that is in the way we treat patients forever. Now we're in the forefront of another tremendous breakthrough that of growing new teeth and reversing periodontal disease from our own cells!!!

As a dentist we have had three options for replacing one or more missing teeth, that of surgery (implants), a fixed bridge or a removable denture. We will soon have a fourth, more natural alternative to replacing lost teeth as well as treating other dental diseases.

Update for Cold Sore Therapy


By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

80% of the population has been exposed to cold sores or fever blisters (clinically referred to as Recurrent Herpes Labialis), as discussed in a previous

e-newsletter on canker sores. However 99% of these individuals don't know when they had their initial exposure with the virus. Though rare (1% of cases), the first clinical appearance can be an extremely virulent, possibly leading to a hospital stay. This rare episode is known as a Primary Herpetic Stomatitis.

Child Identification Program (CHIP) coupled with Amber alert


By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

With child abductions and missing juveniles on the rise over the past few years, it's reassuring to know that the worlds most comprehensive Child Identification Program(CHIP) is now coupled with President Bush's Amber Alert System, greatly increasing successful recovery of lost or missing children. A child is reported missing every 41seconds according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

New State of the Art Technology


By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

First and foremost we've initiated a digital x-ray system, where patient exposure is but 10% of conventional radiographs, that's a 90% reduction in radiation.  In addition we've added digital photography.

What's New In Toothbrushes


By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

According to Dr. Sam Yankell in Dental Products Report, Apr.2003, subjects using powered toothbrushes in controlled studies achieved significantly superior results over manual brushing.

Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease


By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

 I would like to share some recent research correlating medicine with dentistry. There have been numerous medical and dental publications relating periodontal and coronary artery diseases (CAD) also known as myocardial infarction or heart attack.

New Treatment For Canker Sores


By: Ronald S. Ghiz, DDS

Canker sores (clinically referred to as Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis) afflict some 80% of the population. They usually manifest themselves as small white, painful lesions on the side or underneath the tongue (floor of the mouth), on the soft palate, tonsils or in the fold between the cheek and teeth.