Headaches, Head & Neck Pain (TMJ)

Management of headaches as well as neck, facial and ear pain.

A conservative, noninvasive and reversible approach to minimize or totally eliminate head & neck pain

A short self-assessment:

Do you have or suffer from any of the following;

  1. Facial pain upon opening or closing
  2. Neck, back or shoulder pain
  3. Clicking or popping upon opening
  4. Limited ability to open wide
  5. Headaches or tenderness in front of the ears
  6. Ringing, buzzing, fullness or stuffiness in ears
  7. Clenching or grinding especially at night
  8. Soreness to pressure about head & neck region

Over 40 million people in the US suffer from head pain most of which seem to be females.  Most headaches, neck aches and facial pain (80%-90%) are muscular in natureand of dental origin (TMD/TMJ).   Having said that, there is often a structural component to the head/neck pain, that of the "tempromandibular joint", hense the term "TMJ". After proper diagnosis to determine the etiology is of dental nature therapy and management for the short and long term can be planned to improve and restore "quality of life". We wish to accomplish this goal without the use of medications whenever possible, having said that there is a place for a short-term regime of drug therapy during the acute phase of pain until a differential diagnosis can is made.  After all patient comfort is paramount during the diagnosis process. The most common etiology for TMJ pain is a misalignment of the teeth when they meet (occlusion/bite).

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