IV Sedation

Are you concerned about dental procedures because of pain, anxiety…?
Through a specialist performing sedation…now almost all dental treatments can be…
• Accomplished pain-free
• Completed with a minimum number of visits
• Memory-free of the surgical procedure.

What is sedation and how safe is it…in the dental office?

Sedation Dentistry is when a licensed, specially trained provider helps to alleviate the pain & anxieties of a patient who is in a comfortable, safe state of sleep while dental work is performed. Often, you may hear the term: “twilight sleep”.

Yes. Sedation dentistry is safe. Sedation dentistry is not general anesthesia. While sleeping comfortably, you will never feel pain or discomfort of any kind. Your vital signs are monitored throughout the length of the procedure.

How will I need to prepare?

The anesthesiologist will contact you for a pre-operative screening to assess your health history. Please be as complete as possible in your responses. Instructions will be reviewed at this time.. All of your questions will be completely answered.

Will I be able to return to work?

Because recovery time varies, safety requirements include having a responsible adult to drive you home and being present during the recovery time.

Why can’t my doctor do it him/herself?

The safe administration of medications associated with sedation requires a specifically licensed health care provider to not only administer but to monitor the patient continuously during the dental treatment.

• Allow dentist to work without interruption
• Reduce patient anxiety/ agitation; block the recall of the procedure
• Provide residual pain management for a patient with the after effects of sedation
• Maximize utilization of working time and productivity for the dental practice
• Provide cost-effectiveness for dental practice
• Provide convenience for patients
• Increase patient retention in the practice
• All anesthesia medications and equipment are supplied


Like all anesthesia services, the patient is billed separately by the anesthesiologist. Fees are discussed directly with the patient and are based on the duration of the anticipated procedure.

Insurance reimbursement for sedation services…
Some dental insurance does cover sedation services. Patients are responsible for anesthesia fees at the time of treatment, but they will be provided the appropriate documentation for insurance submission.

What is my obligation with respect to malpractice liability…
Dr. Khan is fully insured by MMLIC on his outpatient dental sedation practice. The treating restorative/ surgical dentist (you, the client) is exempt from the liability associated with Dr. Khan’s services.

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