"Mary R_Palm Beach Gardens, FL"
on May 7, 2017

Whiles I was staying in NYC, my crown separated from my molar. When I called my Florida dentist to ask if I could "superglue it", he adamantly refused and referred me to Dr. Ghiz. When I called Dr. Ghiz' office, I explained my predicament to Zjaye who listened attentively and expressed genuine concern for my situation. She offered me an emergency appointment within 2 hours. I was in shock! When I entered the office, Fran welcomed me (literally) with a warm smile and answered patiently my questions. Five minutes before my appointment, before I had even finished the paperwork, I met Dr. Ghiz and he began his examination. My father was an oral surgeon as is Dr. Ghiz, and I can tell the competency of a dentist from his sanitation procedures, his technique, and his demeanor. Dr. Ghiz is an expert. He explained every step he planned to take. He took before and after photos to email to my Florida dentist. He sterilized the site and the crown, "sandblasted" them both to remove old glue, etc. to guarantee a perfect fit, and found a crack in an adjacent crown that he reported to my dentist for future repair. Dr. Ghiz is brilliant, kind, gentle, professional, and experienced. The fact that he runs an efficient, patient-friendly office gives him demi-god staus IMO. I NEVER EXPECTED TO BE TREATED SO KINDLY AND COMPETENTLY IN ANY MEDICAL OFFICE where I was an out-of-town, emergency, first-time patient. There is no way that I can adequately thank Dr. Ghiz and his staff other than to recommend him to others without reservation. To think that the entire office skipped lunch to help me out is humbling. Dr. Ghiz specializes in aesthetic and restorative demtostry. I found out later that he was a pioneer in the treatment of TMJ, snoring, and sleep apnea. I was earned my personal respect; he is a doctor who SERVES his patients.

"Michael R_Brooklyn, NY"
on Sept. 7, 2016

I am not one to write online reviews, but THE MAN IS AN ARTIST. Seriosly, it doesn't get better than Dr. Ghiz and his team. They turned my mouth from a mess of broken crowns and bleeding gums into a natural-looking smile that I love. I've had lots of dentist, but none as warm, patient, careful and skilled as Dr. Ghiz.

"Maria S._New York, NY"
on July 12, 2016

Dr. Ghiz was recommended by my co-work as I was in need of some special and delicate dentistry. It included an implant and a numer of crowns on my upper front teeth to match a couple of good existing crowns in the same area. I am a perfectionist and extremely fussy especially when it comes to my cosmetic needs, expectations and financial commitment. He was 'spot on' with the color match and surpassed my expectations when he somehow gave me a smile I always dreamed about having. I am now moving to the next step, which has bothered me for years, Invisalign for my lower teeth! Dr. Ghiz not only understood my needs, explained every step of the way and made the cost manageable. He delivered and then some!

As an aside, his staff has been wonderful throughtout the process especially when it came to making appointments around my "crazy" schedule. As a final note I believe what further separates Dr. Ghiz and his staff from others is that during the course of many, many appointments I was always seen on time, pretty rare in NYC!

Love my Teeth and Smile!

Ria S.

"Maxine M_Manhattan, NY"
on March 11, 2014

If you are looking for a great dentist look no further! Great location, nice office, wonderful knowledgable and caring dentist! I was really nervous with about the work I needed to get done, between Dr Ghiz and the oral surgeon he works with, I felt like I had nothing to worry about! He even indulged me and spoke to my dentist in California prior to moving forward. Love this guy!

by Stephen Anthony
on January 3, 2011

As a patient of Dr. Ronald Ghiz for 15 years, I highly recommend his office and services to anyone needing dental care in New York City. While in is care, I have only experienced the highest quality work, professionalism, care, and service one would expect from a dental professional. I consider him to be a highly talented dentist that truly cares about the patient's dental well being. His office is bright, clean, modern, and has a friendly, attentive staff to attend to your needs.

by Steven S. Rothberg
on January 4, 2011

I am extremely pleased to be able to offer others my insight into my experience with Dr. Ron Ghiz. Dr. Ghiz has been my primary dentist for over 25 years. I have found him to be an excellent dentist. His office is pristine, and his staff is highly efficient and trained. There is never a time when a dental emergency arose for me that Dr. Ghiz was not available. Kudos to Dr. Ghiz, and his staff. They deserve the highest of recommendations for their professionalism and care.

"Group V. P., Toyota Motor North America"
by Patricia Pineda
on January 6, 2011

Dr. Ghiz was recommended to me by my gum specialist 6 years ago and I have been extremely satisfied with his professional, high quality and attentive dental services. I would add that my experiences have all been comfortable and pain-free which is important to me. His office always works cooperatively to accomodate my schedule. I recently cracked a tooth during a weekend and without hesitation, Dr. Ghiz agreed to see me at his office. I would highly recommend Dr. Ghiz to others without hesitation.

"Fashion Designer"
by Jane Kim
on January 7, 2011

First time I went to dentist was when I was 4 years old. I am super picky person to please. Dr.Ghiz is wonderful and made my teeth so beautiful always. Also everyone is very friendly! Highly recommend!!

by Jonathan Horelick
on January 7, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghiz for nearly 15 years, and have nothing but positive things to say about his dentistry. In a word, it is excellent. Dr. Ghiz, and his staff, are warm and friendly, yet highly professional. The office environment is meticulously clean and orderly. It is a testament to Dr. Ghiz that on the few urgent occassions that I had to see other Dentists-in Connecticut where I live- theys would notice the high quality of dental care and praise the dentistry of Dr. Ghiz.

"Senior Designer"
by Heather Moore
on January 10, 2011

The dental work that I needed to correct the problem of grinding my teeth for several years was so extensive; as I had put it off for a very long time, that I decided to "Interview Dentists" as this would be a process that would take 2-3 years. It was not only extensive but costly. Dr. Ghiz was the 3rd dentist that I interviewd and it was a relief to see that he had a sense of humor and did not think I was crazy in the interviewing process!! He worked out a detailed phased scope of what needed to be done and submitted to me for review. My work is almost complete after 2 years; I've had total mouth reconstruction as all my bottom teeth were fractured and split, bite too small among other things. He's done an amazing job and I would higly recoomend his practice to anyone in need of extensitve dental work as well as maintenace. Dr. Ghiz and his staff are a pleasure to work with.

by Douglas Berado
on January 10, 2011

I have known and been a patient of Dr. Ghiz for well over 10 years. From the very first day he has shown to be one of the finest practioner/dentist I have ever had the good fortune to meet. He has earned my trust and respect from the very beginning of my treatment, as a matter of fact, I first met Dr. Ghiz where I live in CT. and now travel over an hour to Manhattan to continue my dental treatment. I thank him for what he has done to restore, not only my dental health but my smile and confidence, thank you. Douglas

"Celebrity Makeup Artist""
by Stephanie Barr
on January 11, 2011

Thank God I was reffered to Dr. Ghiz. After being misdiagnosed by one dentist and suffering with a misfit crown I had lost a lot of faith in this profession. Dr. Ghiz made me a temporary crown which was far superior to the permanent one he removed. Then when he put my permanent crown in, it looked as beautiful as my own teeth if not better. Being in the entertainment industry, having a beautiful smile is very important. His bleaching/whitening service is nothing short of a brightening miracle. The procedure was effortless and smile is gorgeous. I will come back to Dr. Ghiz for all of my dental needs. Doctors like him do not exist anymore. He's a seasoned pro.

"Long Time Patient"
by Noah Roy
on January 11, 2011

Dr. Ghiz attentive personal care is truly above and beyond. He is always available to his patients and provides the best possible care. His workmanship borders an artistry and is truly as good as can be had. I have had the misfortune to have a broken jaw two times. First time required 4 front veneers post-surgery and I was referred to Dr. Ghiz by my oral surgeon. 10 years later I had an accident requiring 4 implants and new crowns from Dr. Ghiz. All have been spectacular and I have referred anyone who asks without hesitation to Dr. Ghiz. The quality of his work and his care and his excellent office staff are all absolutely world class.

"Overseas Patient"
by Lucien-Serge Rosetti
on January 11, 2011

I met Dr. Ghiz three years ago, while visiting NYC from Paris. Unfortunately, it was for an emergency, I had broken a tooth and I took a chance as per a friend's recommendation. His professionalism, outstanding chairside manner and work, had me coming back to NY since, for dental work! I now have 9 implants, with beautiful crowns, no one can tell that they are not my teeth! All his work is impeccable, and most of all painless! I will make the effort and come from overseas to see him, as I will not allow any other dentist to treat me. Merci docteur, et a bientot!

by Helen
on January 12, 2011

I have know and been a patient of Dr. Ghiz for over 30 years and he has taken care of all my dental needs with the utmost professionalism and excellence. He has recently placed veneers on my front teeth whch became a life changing experience in how I smaile. The proof became apparent with the continual compliment from family and friends alike. I am unable to say enough nice things about my years of trust and respect for Dr. Ghiz especially his excelence in dentistry, compassion and patience, thank you!! Helen

by Maria Pon
on January 12, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghiz for well over 25 years. If it were not for his diagnostic acuity and superior dentistry, I would have lost many of my teeth over the years. Dr. Ghiz is a wonderful and caring human being who I completely trust with my dental needs. I owe my smile to him!

"Ceo + President RE Development Co."
by K. Karkus-Seavey
on January 13, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghiz for 25 Years. His skill as a dentist is far superior to every dentist I have ever met. His sense of integrity and compassion are unequivocable and deeply felt. My family and friends have called upon Dr. Ghiz over the years and all are grateful for having found him. His dedication to excellence is second to none. Thank you Dr. Ghiz for many years of the highest quality of care.

"Real Estate Broker"
by Francesca Segreti
on January 18, 2011

I met Dr. Ron Ghiz when he first opened his dental practice. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from day one, I’ve felt very comfortable, knowing I was in great hands and with someone who took great pride in his work. It’s now many, many years later and while not always “loving” the idea of seeing the dentist, I only feel more at home and secure with Dr.Ghiz. I find him to be incredibly gentle, patient, outgoing, comforting, confident and a pain-free ..…and this is from someone who is terrified of dental work. When he left to live out of state for a few years, I did find another dentist, but it was not the same. His return was great news to me! His office staff is very friendly, warm and accommodating. They always find a way to make appointments that fit my schedule, and have gone the extra mile - as has Dr. Ghiz - in those times of particular need. I cannot recommend Dr. Ghiz and his team enough – the best in town! Thanks for returning... my family and I missed you!

by Linda
on January 18, 2011

I have known Ron Ghiz for approximately 30 years, both personally and professionally. He has been my dentist this entire time and I have never had an unpleasant experience. Quite the contrary. Dr. Ghiz is a master at cosmetic dentistry and general dental care. I have required extensive work over the years and have never been disappointed. The quality of Ron's work is beyond reproach and he is a very talented dentist, his caps are works of art. I have recommended Ron to many friends and family over the years and everyone has thanked me. With something as personal and as ever present as your smile, I can say without hesitation you will not be disappointed...but rather smile constantly and be so happy you found this incredible man. Ron equally enjoys his profession and his staff are loyal and always there to greet you, a great sign that he treats everyone with courtesy and kindness.

"Satisfied Patient"
by Gaily Beinecke
on January 19, 2011

I have been under Dr. Ghiz' care for almost 3 decades. The work he has done has been of the highest quality. He is not only a very professional and excellent dentist, his manner is gentle and caring and he always finds ways to accommodate my fears and phobias. He offers and explains options and always takes the patient's needs and opinions into consideration. One never has to wait or feel rushed, as in countless other practices. There has never been a time when he cannot accommodate an emergency for me or my family.

on January 20, 2011


"attorney and patient"
by John Jankoff
on January 20, 2011

as a patient of more than 30 years,I can attest to Ron's competence and skills which are excellant; my mouth has been examined by other dentists and Ron's work recieved excellant reviews.He is caring and understanding. He is my dentist for life.

by Brad Ellis
on January 20, 2011

Let me admit that my teeth are my nemesis. When my top front teeth needed veneers now or crowns later, I was very afraid of getting "Chicklet" teeth (i.e., too chunky, too bright, too opaque). But Dr. Ghiz (who came highly recommended by another oral surgeon of note) did a beautiful, exacting and graceful job (so I'm not about to part ways with him). When I visited my cousin Beth a few months later she looked at me funny all evening, until she suddenly yelled, "Brad, you did something to your teeth, that's why you're looking so good!" And I have to agree, my teeth look natural and well shaped, with just the right color and surface translucence. And indeed I smile more broadly now!

"Executive Assistant"
by Arlene
on January 20, 2011

Dr. Ghiz is an extremely talented dentist. He is painless, and I mean painless. I have had extensive dental work done over the past few years by him including implants. I, who never wanted to go to a dentist and lived in fear of going, look forward to visiting his office. He explains everything that needs to be done and not once did I ever feel uncomfort or pain and I have had teeth pulled as well. He is very gentle and never will allow me to be in any discomfort. His staff is wonderful, very professional and always friendly. I would recommend Dr. Ghiz for anyone who wants to improve their dental health without any fear or pain.

"Business Owner"
by Diana Moneta
on January 20, 2011

Dr. Ghiz is the ultimate professional, perfectionist, and artist. His team, headed by Helen, is also fabulous. Prior to finding Dr. G, I went to four or five dentists, all of whom promised to turn my broken smile (from a major auto accident) into a ray of light. Year after year, the running joke in my family was that I would never get my two front teeth for Christmas. The joke ended when I found Dr. Ghiz (highly recommended by my implant surgeon, Jeffrey Lemler). A year later, Dr. G gave me two front teeth natural looking and more beautiful than those I was born with),as well as a NORMAL LIFE. The day of completion, I smiled so much and felt such joy I vowed never to stop smiling. I flash my smile every chance I get. Friends, family, and other dental professionals who have seen my smile cannot believe my front teeth are not natural. Told what Dr. G has done for me, the others ask for his name and number, wanting to call and praise him. I do all of the time. So will you! Thank you, Dr. G.

by Carolyn Atkinson
on January 24, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Ghiz for over 5 years . Dr. Ghiz was able to correct , and restore an Implant which had complications . Dr. Ghiz is an expert dentist - with the most up to date methods . His advice and treatment has helped me avoid so many potential problems - I would not trust anyone else !

"Executive assistant to the CEO"
by Lyn Paulsin
on February 3, 2011

I have known and been going to Dr. Ghiz for over 10 yrs, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my mouth, he is very through and gentle. Dr. Ghiz gives the best novocaine shots, I NEVER feel a thing when he gives them and I hate needles. He has been there when i call for any emergency, on weekends etc. not just for me but even my friends or family. He will work with you, doesn't do more than needed but does what should be done. He is the best

"Partner, investment management firm"
by Virginia Whitney
on February 18, 2011

Dr. Ghiz has been my dentist for a few years now and I am extremely pleased with the dental care I have received from him. He is an excellent dentist. He is not only experienced and skillful, but he also takes great pride in his work, which is reflected in the exceptional results I have experienced with him. He is always focused, a stickler for detail, and extremely thorough. He has a very artistic eye and does beautiful cosmetic work as well. I now love my smile! Unlike dentists I have had in the past, Dr. Ghiz takes the time to clearly explain what needs to be done, what the options are, what he thinks the best route may be, and also gives an easy-to-understand list of the pros and cons, so I can make truly informed decisions that I’m completely comfortable with. Going to the dentist can often be a daunting experience, especially when procedures are more than routine. Dr. Ghiz has a very calming, sincere, and caring demeanor which is tremendously helpful and assuring. His staff is just wonderful – every one of them. They are professional and efficient, while at the same time extremely friendly and welcoming. It seems odd to say that I actually enjoy going to the dentist, but my experience with Dr. Ghiz and his exceptional team has been so successful and pleasant that I can honestly say that it’s a pleasure going to the dentist.

"Truly Satisfied "Fan"
by carolyn
on February 19, 2011

I could write a long litany of superlatives about Dr. Ghiz! I'll just say, "He personifies EXCELLENCE!" He is truly caring and meticulous, professional, innovative, and a true artist. You get the highest quality comprehensive care in a friendly and state of the art modern and super spotless office. He and his staff are very warm and demonstrate they really care about your well-being. You are ensured of the best long term comprehensive care possible.

by Marat Elkanidze
on March 1, 2011

Before I came to Dr. Ghiz several years ago, my dental condition was terrible. The inherited orthodontic defects were aggravated by severe parodonthosis leading to bone loss. I could never close my mouth completely. The verdict of the local dentist was: remove all remaining teeth, and after that, -- implants. Fortunately before I got there, a friend referred me to Dr. Ghiz. Watching Dr. Ghiz at work for several years I saw that for him: every single tooth matters, and if he can save it -- he will; every patient's case is unique, and because it is unique -- the treatment provided is a work of art; To make a long story of my very complicated dental case short: The permanent bridges I wear now are like my own teeth. Bite corrected. And no implants. It was a long way during which practically everything was accounted for. Work of other specialists was involved. And the doctors Dr. Ghiz referred me to were of the highest professional level like himself. Thank you Dear Doctor Ghiz, and All Your Team! Marat Elkanidze

"An Artist"
by eric sartori
on March 18, 2011

He change my life and my smile. He is a perfectionist make you come back until it's perfect. He is an amazing dentist and an artist......

"A Smile to Remember !"
by Nikki Mazer
on March 27, 2011

Dr.Ghiz has basically reconstructed my entire mouth. The service from beginning to end has been extremely professional, beautiful work, patiently explained every step of the way. I was never in any pain or discomfort.He and his office always contacted me the evening of and the morning after to make sure everything was OK. When additional special surgical work had to be done , Dr Ghiz works closely in tandum with Dr. Jeffrey Lemler ( fyi, a superb surgeon). This experience has been as good as it gets !

"President, Nautica Retail USA, INC"
by Kim Draper
on January 28, 2011

Dr. Ronald Ghiz is a dental genius! I was introduced to Dr. Ghiz over 7 years ago by a good friend after my daughter, Mackenna, & I had just moved to Manhattan. Dr. Ghiz, Helen & his dedicated and experienced team have given us outstanding dental care. Dr. Ghiz designed, fitted and implemented porcelain veneers for me over 6 years ago and they look so natural & beautiful that no one knows I wasn’t born with perfect teeth. It has been an amazing boost to my confidence since most of my work is leading large teams & public speaking. Dr. Ghiz is also there 24/7 for his patients. Whether it is a root canal or cosmetic dental needs, I highly recommend Dr. Ronald Ghiz for all of your dental needs. He is also a very caring, committed and dedicated human being.

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